Cuban Missile Crisis

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Oo God where do I start ??

I arrived back from Cuba on Wednesday night , spent Thursday unpacking and then today (Friday ) Packing for Cape Cod. My body clock is dazed and confused. I depart tonight for Heathrow and fly to Boston 11 AM Saturday. That’s 48 hours at home between big trips !!

Cayo Romano. (Speed Blogging version )

Food 4/10

Boats 3/10

Guides 6/10 (What they lack in experience they make up for with good attitude and hard work ethics )

Customer Service and attitude of the staff 10/10

Hopefully the above will keep the Aardvarks – Frontiers and Roxton and assorted toffs away from the place. The price is reasonable right now. I think the current price reflects some of the weakness’s .

Fishing mmm that’s a tricky one .Cayo Romano is a hardcore destination , if this your first holiday on the flats then I would not recommend Cayo Romano . The Permit Flats are vast but you do encounter enough Permit each day to keep your hopes up. We did not really encounter the classic Cuban Bonefish Turkey shoot that you may elsewhere. The bonefish start at 3 lb. The best I had for the week may have nudged 8 lb. I also saw a few Double figure looking Bones. The Tarpon fishing was disappointing . I was the only guy to hook into Tarpon during the trip. I landed one around 17 lb and jumped one that would have hit 60 lb. All the guides told me that they were experiencing a dry season and that they needed rain for the Tarpon fishing to switch on. If you went looking you would find ones and twos laid up on the flats.

View photos at SmugMug

Cuban Missiles

Million dollar question !!

On day three Edwardo poled us across the most stunning white sand flat I have ever seen. I had plenty of shots at Permit ,a few follows and refusals to boot. As is often the way we stopped for lunch. I spotted Two feeding Rays Accompanied by Two Permit. The lead fish was an easy 20 lb Plus. All the angles were right. I slotted a clean shot on a back hand cast right in front of the Rays as they quartered towards our Starboard side. It was a Perfect Shot,  a Perfect set up.If I was going to hook up on the day this would be the shot.  As the Ray swam over my fly I slid the fly out from under the wing. The large Permit pounced the fly and gobbled it up. The fish paused to try and figure what was wrong the took of .(Hooking a 20 lb Permits like hooking two double figure Bonefish at once !!)  The line whizzed up through the rings as I screamed LINE ! LINE ! LINE ! Twang went the 20 lb Tippet . My fly line had hooked itself around the push pole. I threw my rod into the water in disgust and disappointment. I smiled within a minute . The whole moment was exquisite , but alas  the ending tragic . That’s Permit fishing  ! The next Day John had his first Permit. I’m so glad he pulled it off. He deserved that fish.

Would I go back? I  would return as I feel the place owes me a couple of favours

Footnote – What a great Bunch of Guys to fish with. The Cockneys had us crying with laughter, the Scotts handled  the piss taking well.  Guy turned out to be a great bloke to share a boat with. Lets do it again next year !

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