Cape Cod 2011

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Im just back after 21 days on Cape Cod.Its a joy to be home !   Sping decided to arrive late , water temperatures were down by 10 degrees . The wind direction shfted from one day to another . The weather was generally stunning . I spent 3 weeks in shorts and T shirts with the exeption of one or two days . Bright sunshine may provide great sight fishing but those overcast days with South Westerly winds tend to provide the best sport when Bass fishing .  

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As a guide or organiser of fishing trips I have had to toughen up and learn to deal with the expectations of anglers. Provided I feel that I have given 100 % then I tend to relax and enjoy the experience. I realise more and more just how much I love fishing ! I like catching fish but I love the process of fishing . I love the sunsets, the sunrises, the friends I make along the way, the wildlife, the ocean .This all sounds rather pretentious . I will quit before you start to feel stomach cramps!   The reality is that where ever you visit in the world you will encounter great days , average days and inevitably tough days . That’s fishing. We live for the great days , enjoy the average days and try to forget the tough days.

Photography 2011

I have a massive back catalogue of photography following 6 years fishing the Cape so I decided to adopt a rather high risk strategy. My Zeiss 50 mm lens is fully manual focus.I tried my best to stick with this lens for most of the trip. I love the distortion and feel that you get when you shoot at Aperture F1.4. When you get it right the results can be wonderful. The success ratio with this lense is very low. I end up deleting 95 % of the shots.

Week 1

John – Murad – Richard – Dougie

Everyone came together as a group. The fishing was the toughest I have ever experienced, Strong winds played havoc with the 2 days boat fishing. We lost 1/2 of a day afloat  and the second charter was cancelled . We did have one great session on the flats. Bass were feeding on sandeels in knee deep ‘skinny’ water. I saw Bass tailing and rooting around like hungry Bonefish. This was exquisite Flats fishing at Dawn and one of the highlights of the week. I’m just glad the guys have the memories of that session to take home.

Week 2

Mike – Jim – Ryan- Jamie

We often have a quick session into sunset on the first evening. We landed 22 bass in the first 2 hours of the trip. Within the first couple of minutes of fishing I saw 3 rods bent double. I stood there watching the guys hooking and landing fish at sunset and my heart went out to group one. If they could see this ! I pondered !

As with week one the weather was great. I elected to wet wade on may sessions. Group 2 worked really hard every day. They had an epic day on the boat with 50 Bass between 10 and 25 pounds. When I picked up the gang they were sunburned and beaming ! We did have a couple of fruitless tides from the shore. If you want to catch big bass from the shore then you need to be willing to get out of bed ,walk a few miles and then cast a fly until your arms drop off. The last 2 mornings we chose to up the game. The alarm was set for 2 AM ,we were on the water by 3.30 – 4 AM. Our efforts were rewarded with the capture of 4 Big fish on Thursday and 5 more on Friday morning. Everyone had prize fish from the shore . What a great way to end the week. Group 2 have joined me on Cape Cod twice before . I suspect we will be eating Frans Clam Chowder and Lobster rolls together sometime soon ??!!

Week 3

Ant- Johnny – John-Dave

I had very high hopes for week 3. Johnny and Ant have joined me on CC before and enjoyed a few epic days. John and Dave were new recruits. We had great tides to look forward too ,the weather had been stable and the fishing had been improving all the time. The fishing Gods however had other plans for us. The temperature dropped a staggering 25 degrees from  85  to 60  overnight. The wind switched around to easterly . The fish responded as you would expect. So once again I had my work cut out for me. The boat fishing provided the inevitable big fish but not in the numbers that the boys have enjoyed on previous visits , actually I think that the shore provided the best moments of the week. John landing 4 Gurnard in a row on fly, Dave’s progression from total beginner to capable lure fisherman on the shore and the boat. Ant landing a 30 inch fish from my schoolie bashing creek. Ants last fish of the week was a lovely 36 inch fish from the surf. This fished managed to pull him down the beach and past one or two obstacles along the way. I jumped into the surf to land that one for him. I wasn’t willing to watch that one get away

Oh Deer. He’s getting all spiritual

One morning I dropped off the guys at the boat and headed off solo to check out one of my favourite outer beaches. I spotted a pair of deer only 50 feet away, what a magical photo that would have been. Unfortunately all I had was a 50 mm manual lens . By the time I had scrabbled to get my camera out of the trunk the two deer had moved a fair distance away. Amazingly the deer were paddling in the sea. I spotted one deer lower its head down to the water and test the water. I took this photo and I have blown it up in size. It certainly wont win and photography competitions , its certainly my favourite photo for what it represents.  Seeing those deer on that beach took my breath away and almost bought a tear to my eye.

“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain…. ‘Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?’ by Philip K Dick

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 Austen Goldsmith

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