Tenryu Redvolution Vertigo

Posted By Oz on Aug 19, 2011 | 0 comments

Today I found the boat rod that I have been wishing for. The Tenryu Redvolution is a fairly specialised piece of kit. We have a great deal in common. its short , great looking, Its tough and strong yet it is still very sensitive.

This rod seems to do everything well

The Vertigo is a 6 foot jigging rod , well perhaps it isnt ? The name would suggest so and the rod has a lure rating of 10 -30 g casting and 130 g Vertical. I never had a chance to test it in vertical mode today,  but what i did find is a wonderful lure casting , lure retrieving rod. The first thing you notice when you pick up the Vertigo is that it is as light as  a feather. My Supermix 210 now feels like a lump of lead in comparison. If you know the injection then I would say it feels 20 %  lighter again. The stiff   tip works a Patchinko or Z claw at range effortlessly .  I love topwater lures and this vertical jigging rod was sensational and I knew that on the first chuck.  Today was a  bloody tough day. I fished all manner of lures. The Vertigo will cast an Xlayer on a 7 g Jig head but I do feel the rod springs into life from 10 g upwards. I also fished Sayori Shads on 17 and 25 g jig heads , this was excellent . The combination of short rod and stiff tip enables you to feel that paddle tail vibrating at any range.

The Vertigo is incredibly versitile short stick that anyone witha boat or kayak would love. I have 3 rods lure rods rigged at all times when I boat fish. I may well kit out my boat with 3 Vertigos . Im that impressed.


Hopefully I will have a chance to test it in some deeper water and go vertical. If it sings the way it has today then thats a done deal for me.





Yesterday I found a shoal of Pollack sitting in 80 – 100 foot of Water. I landed countless fish in the  5 – 8 lb Class. The Vertigo handled these fish with no problem. Later the same day I had a 64 cm bass fishing with the Megabass Zonk


The Redvolution Vertigo does everything as if it was designed to do so. I have now cast 25 g Plastics – fished 15 – 20 g Hard lures , vertical jigged in 120 foot of water, Fished  small soft plastics. It seems impossible but its true.I give it 10 out of 10 in all all applications.  The easy way to describe the rod to someone who know the Tenryu range is that its a Tenryu Injection with a shortened tip. I will now order 2 more of these rods today for guiding on my boat .



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