Magical Day

Posted By Oz on Aug 23, 2011 | 2 comments

I fished solo today. I had been blown out by a Journalist !  , conditions were to nice to waste . Today was pretty mind blowing in so many ways. First I had a great surf in perfect clean waves on the North Coast. I bombed it home and hitched up the boat and launched onto the south coast. The first couple of hours were pretty grim. I started inshore with Fly , plastics and zclaw on a few of my old shore marks without a single sniff of a Bass . I had a reef 3 mile offshore near Lizard point that I wanted to check out so headed out into what felt like a very big sea thanks to a solid rolling groundswell.  That’s a fair distance from Porthleven and it did feel rather daunting. There was almost zero wind . Once again I was greeted with a big zero after a long journey. I fished 25 G Xorus Jig heads with a Pearl White Sayori Shad in around 60 foot of water.  With so little wind and tide I was more than able to hit the bottom with that set up. As I dropped off the edge of the reef the depth changed to 80 and then soon after 100 feet. To my amazement I was till able to drop the lure on the deck. This was where everyone was hiding !! Over the 2 hours I had countless Pollack in the 5 – 8 lb Class. As soon as my lure hit the deck it would be eaten up. I also had a very welcome Cod around 4 lb, he was less lucky than the Pollack !

I made a long journey through slack water and hit a reef in search of Bass. I flogged the area for an hour or more. it just felt dead, I had very little tide and Zero wind. At this point I had what must be my best Dolphin encounter to date, magical. Im just glad I remembered to video it to show the missus.

I pulled myself together after that . I had an idea that perhaps with such small tides a few bigger bass may stay right tight to the shore. That seems to be a common theme down here. I tried plastics and zclaw with no joy. I pulled out my virgin Zonk and stuck it on . I dont like cranking Divers but I was feeling rather desperate. After a few casts I moved into a new gully and bang !

The Bass was 64 CM and must have been the fatest pig of a bass I have ever seen in my life. That’s one greedy Bass ! She came in a nats under 7lb . The light was now dropping and I still had a long journey home. so that was the last cast of a perfect day !!




























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  1. Hi Austen —
    Truly magical and a great video! Are you sure you weren’t dreaming and were actually in the Red Sea?

    Thanks again for our terrific day out — a fantastic combination of excellent tuition and fishing comradeship. Other readers: Austen is the bee’s knees for lure fishing from a boat.

    Your (earlier) blog tip regarding use of droppers really works! Have had lots of bass on your dropper flies, including a double hookup of 4+ pounders, on a Gunfish and sandeel fly. Do you only use the dropper ahead of surface lures, or should I retain them for sub-surface, divers and plastics?

    After a fabulous July, August was really flat here off Fowey – both for the lure anglers and the sandeel drowners. Is this usual? Here’s hoping autumn is better.
    Cheers, Eric

  2. Thanks Eric for the kind words !!

    I do sometimes use the dropper with Divers and soft plastics. I do however suffer at the hands of Pollackus Irritatus . So if I get hounded by small pollack hitting the teaser I take it off.



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