The Cornish Season

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The Cornish Season

This far West I am lucky enough to have great fishing 12 months of the year. The bass fishing season runs from 1st of April right through to the  31 st December ! I have a description of the Months and my approach to fishing on this page

If you wish to book a bass fishing trip then please email me on or call 01326 562753


January & February

The Cod and Pollack  close to shore in fly fish able depths. The bass are still here . If you find them you may well find large fish in shoals. High pressure systems make for great boat fishing on the right day. Winter days are best booked at short notice .as and when the conditions are suitable.

Bass = 7 Pollack = 10 Cod =10


Plenty of Cod and pollack but now the Bass will have other things in mind. I would fish lures and then grab the fly rod if the fishings good. Soft Plastics on Jig heads fished deep or dredging with the fly rods.

Bass = 1 Pollack = 9 Cod = 10


The second set of Spring tides heralds a change. The Bass may well start to return from Spawning. Cod and Pollack are still in the shallow water 20 – 40 foot . Mackerel will be here in large numbers.  A good time to fly and lure fish.  The estuaries are very quiet at this time of the year. Top water lures – Soft Plastics and fly fishing .

Bass = 4 Pollack = 4 Cod = 7


Bass will be starting to show up in numbers and also start to chase whitebait in the estuaries. Cod will still be here in shallow water. I have had a few epic days this time of year. If we can access the North coast then we can intercept large shoals of post spawning Bas around Newquay / Padstow area then the skys the limit. I now have the kind of boat that will take on the challenge! Top water lures – Casting Soft Plastics and fly fishing .

Bass = 6 Pollack = 6 Cod = 4

The same as above although by now the Cod may have moved a little deeper . The Bass are here in numbers although the larger fish are harder to find.  Good weather and good fishing. Top water lures – Casting Soft Plastics  and fly fishing .
Bass =6 Pollack = 7 Cod = 4

Plenty of  Bass around  although sometimes Falmouth Bay can go off the boil. In which case i tend to look toward Mounts Bay launching from Porthleven or the North. Top water lures – Casting Soft Plastics and fly fishing .

Bass = 7  Pollack = 6 Cod = 3



We are now into prime season. Bass are here in numbers and will be the main focus. If we have lots of boiling hot weather then Falmouth Bay suffers from Algie Blooms. These kill the fishing stone cold dead. In this case scenario I switch my Focus to Mounts Bay and the North Coast. Top water lures – Casting Soft Plastics and fly fishing .

Bass = 8 Pollack = 6 Cod =3


Ok were now cooking on gas ! We are now heading into prime season anything goes. Large Bass will head inshore. I have landed many of my best Bass in September over the years.  I don’t care if its a neap or spring tide I just want to be fishing ! All locations are in prime. = Top water lures – Soft Plastics and fly fishing . Vertical Jigging

Bass 10- Pollack=  8 Cod = 4


Just as exciting as September a little more prone to Low pressure systems . That said the last couple of years October has been stunning weather wise.  We have so many sheltered locations that I can nearly always get out and fish in safety and comfort. Cod may start to head into shallower water . Top water lures – Casting Soft Plastics ,ultra light  Vertical Jigging and fly fishing .

Bass =10 Pollack = 10 Cod = 6


Very similar to October . The  most annoying thing about November is the lack of clients that will travel to Cornwall to fish. This is a great time for shore fishing . Big Bass month . Low pressure systems can obviously hamper fishing. Fortune favours the brave in November = Top water lures – Soft Plastics and fly fishing . Vertical Jigging

Bass = 9 Pollack = 10 Cod = 7


Once again a great time to be here fishing. The Cornish commercial bass fishermen are out there while recreational anglers watch re run s of Henry Gilby on SKY TV!! These are the days I love to try and get out on the water. If you can fish at short notice when the weather allows then give me a call. Im sure we can come to an arrangement !! = Top water lures – Soft Plastics and fly fishing . Vertical Jigging

Bass = 9 Pollack = 10 Cod = 9












  1. Hi OZ, i am a winter man aswell, and fly fishing is a religion for me, so how good are the chances of coming out over say 2 days and landing fish on the fly rod in dec/jan?, i live a long way away from cornwall at the moment, though im working on changing that, but for now it would mean a very specific trip down there just to do some fishing, the weather would be a factor, but what would be the chances of a decent days fishing? and what would be the best time to plan a trip? thanks

  2. Hi Paul

    In the depths of winter a williness to switch back over to lures if the fly isnt producing is certainly advantageous. If you look at my reports from last winter we had some clonking Pollack upto 17 lb on lures in 40 foot. You dont need to scratch the bottom to catch those fish,so a fly will work if you are patient. Cod are turning into a thorn in my side fly wise as they tend to stay tight to the bottom and feed best on stronger tides.

    I was landing Bass on surface poppers last January. They are now here in large numbers and the ”Pirates of Penzance ” are landing thousands of kilos in gillnets. They have pushed the price down from £16 per kilo as low as £2-3 per kilo . Its a tragedy that happens every year. This has to change but does reflect on the number of Bass in the far west this time of year

    All winter trips are planned close to the time to allow for gaps in the weather. Fortune favours the brave !!

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