Ultimate Armageddon ML 66 Review

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Ultimate Armageddon sounds like a sci fi disaster movie it is however a humble fishing rod. It a special little wand for sure and I have now given mine a good testing. I know what it can and cant do


Armageddon ML66 Lure rod

Armageddon ML66 Lure rod

Anyone who knows me , will likely know that I have not exactly embraced LRF with open arms. Whats LRF some of my customers will no doubt ask . That’s a great question, the answer in short is LRF is ultralight lure fishing with soft plastics repackaged with a japanese influences mixed in . This rod probably doesn’t quite qualify as an LRF rod and after the things I did to mine today I’m not sure where you will categorise this little wand.

ukbaasfishing Cornwall Armageddon 66 ML

ukbaasfishing Cornwall Armageddon 66 ML

The Armageddon range of rods are the fishing equivalent of street racer bikes, they are hi spec and fitted with the best components, All bling or unnecessary weight has been stripped out to enhance performance. The comfort  of EVA grips  has gone and you effectively hold the blank in your hand, You don’t develop a sore or suffer fatigue without foam, you just feel everything going on at the other end. The rod is one piece , ( I love one piece rods !) six foot six inches and rated 5 – 14 g , The blank is as light as a feather and very crisp. It compress when you cast light lures and yet feels stiff and highly sensitive when you are on the retrieve. A stiff rod that is soft ? That doesnt make sense !Its a high tech no compromise Japanese thoroughbred and Ultimate have managed to pitch this around £240 . Not as cheap as chips but still a great deal cheaper than Ultimates range of Tenryu rods.

On the water

I started by fishing the  Armagedon with a Sawamura one up shad 4 ” with 7 – 10 g of lead.  This feels perfect and falls bang into the middle of the rods comfort zone. I also fished Xlayer originals with 7 g . The rod tip relays every bump and sniff from would be assassins below, When you hook a 1 – 2 lb fish the rod will bend convincingly . I have yet to try the rod with 6 – 7 inch weedless or lightly weighted slugos. I’m sure the rod will be perfect for the job. I fish Patchinkos and Z Clws fairly often, You can forget that idea as the rod tip is too soft. I do however think it will work a IMA skimmer sweetly.


We had this hog on Saturday . I cant wait to try out the Armageddon with one of these !

Bending  the rules and rods

We managed to cast the Sayori Shad with a 25 g jig head using the rod today. It wasnt perfect and I certainly lobbed the lure rather than flicked it out. The rod however did a great job , be it a slightly overpowered one. What amazed me was the fact that we also used the rod to fish vertical using 50 – 80 g jig heads, The rod did a great job. Unfortunately by the time we decided to test the Armageddon in vertical mode the Cod had moved off so that test will have to wait for another day.

I have one of these rods aboard my boat I am thinking about grabbing two more. These will be perfect for all our soft plastic fishing. Fishing with this kind of gear is fun .http://ukbassfishing.com/acatalog/info_Armageddon_ML.html

Cheers Oz

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