Zen2 Bass Fishing – Cracking the code

Posted By Oz on Mar 2, 2013 | 5 comments

ZEN 2 @ Padstow – Plymouth – St Ives – Falmouth – Penzance

Today its hard for me to contain my excitement. I small sticker and a certificate arrived with the mornings post.   This is something I have been working towards for 18 months. Its been really tough going at times and the expense involved has been staggering. Sometimes you go so far down the road you just have to keep going. You have invested so much that you can not turn back .


I can now take clients to the places that inspire. I have been scratching the surface with my customers for years

Well I’ve done it !! Zen2 is the first boat of its kind to achieve MCA  CAT 4 Status. I have also spent a great deal of time and money upgrading my charter  skippers ticket to take my Bass fishing clients to the places that fill me with awe . We have 200 miles or so of coastline in Cornwall . My previous operational area was tiny in comparison . MY OFFICE HAS JUST INCREASED IN SIZE BY 200 % I Can now take my punters to all those hard-core locations that I have been fishing alone or with my mates


John fished with me twice last year , the first day we had coffee coloured water to contend with.

2012 was a tough year for me Bass fishing in Cornwall. You name it we had it, screwed up water temperatures, Wind , rain, rain,rain. I remember sitting on my boat with clients in Falmouth Bay and the water was the colour of milky coffee. (We did actually catch a Bass that day .)I took a call from a mate of mine who had landed 30 Bass fishing the gin clear waters on the North coast. It was very depressing to say the least. Most charter boats are stuck to one Port ,so if the wind takes a turn for the worst they are stuck. Zen2 can now launch from multiple ports . I know plenty of places with good fishing where we can tuck in close to shore and stay safe. SE winds are a nightmare on the South coast and have become my worst enemy in Falmouth Bay, so now when it blows from the South East we will be launching at StIves or Padstow.


This is a massive step for me. So where do you want to go Bass fishing in Cornwall in 2013 ? We now have 200 Miles of coastline and endless possibilities !






  1. Wow Thanks for all those likes !! I hope it all works out .

  2. I hope the hardwork pays off. Another reason for the group to head down this year.

  3. Yes it would be great to get you guys down, In the old days I half dreaded 3 day bookings as we would be hitting the same area 3 days in a row. I now have the whole coastline to play with I know epic places where we never see another fishing boat all day

    cheers Oz

  4. Well done matey.. lets pray for a good year. Russ.

  5. Cheers Russ

    Lets pray you come down and jon me this year !!??
    cheers Oz

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