Cornish Bass Flies

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Well at last they are here and they are amazingly well tied. . The guys at Fulling Mill asked me 18 months ago to  provide  a selection of my favourite Bass Fly Patterns.I have fine tuned my flies over the years .  Too many options leads to more time spent gazing into  a fly box or hoping that a change of fly will make fish appear out of nowhere. I like a simple life and a fly that I have confidence in based on my experiences  on the water.

I hate stiff lifeless flies. I like a fly that breathes life with or without input from the angler. I don’t think Bass will  always chase food  at lightening speed , they often cruise around casually or drift on the tide looking sneak up on prey and just suck them in . A fly that looks good static will be an attractive easy meal.


Oz’s Livebait fly


Size 2 Tiemco 811 s Hook

Yes its a sand eel  I developed the fly out of desperation on Cape Cod for  use in skinny water where the splash of a heavy fly will spook fish. Truth is that a number of my ‘ Trouty’ clients struggle with heavy flies. This is feather light and aerodynamic. Its also insanely effective and we have landed thousands of Bass using it both here and across the pond.

  • Ultra light  easy casting fly
  • Great in skinny water
  • The go to fly on bright sunny days
  • Good over all ground

Oz’s Eurobass Clouser


Size 1 TMC 811s Hook

Bass love to eat juvenile Pollack, Pollack love to eat Pollack ! I fish this fly close to rocks and heavy ground where baby Pollack hide. Bass can be quite territorial during the summer months and I believe they will stay put and happily dine on the local population of ‘Pollockus Irritatus’. If Im not catching on Sandeel Patterns this is my second choice.  It also seems to find the better fish !!

  • Great off the rocks as it sinks
  • Good dirty water fly
  • Finds better fish
  • Killer fly for Pollack

Oz’s Eurobass Goby


Siz2 2/0 Mustad Tarpon Hook

This  Tarpon influenced fly landed me my best shore fly Bass in 2008 . It has also saved my bacon a couple of times on the boat . Fish this over bouldery beaches on floating lines where all the gobys and other critters hide, Its my first choice for night fishing also. It may be a good night fly but that big black profile has also worked for me on very bright days.

Oz’s Cornish Bass Fly


Size 2/0 Mustad Tarpon Hook

This is a beefy fly with tons of mobility tied with Icelandic sheep hair . Jungle cock eyes . As you can see I have a bit of a thing for Orange flies with Gold Flash.  So do Bass !

  • Big fly suited to 9 # Rods
  • Great on sinking lines for deepwater Pollack or Bass
  • Icelandic sheep hair body with tons of mobility
  • Jungle Cock eyes (Apparently JC has UV qualities ?)



  1. Hi Austin,

    Lovely flies! Is there any chance you could include the dressings so I can have a go at tying up a few copies?



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