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I would hope that sometime soon spring will make an appearance and we will see the inshore sea  temperatures start to rise and with it a gigantic megashoal of double figure Bass steaming towards the shore leaving a huge bow wave behind them !! Well we can dream of such things. Perhaps if we headed across the pond to the America where commercial fishing for Bass is closely managed we could see such a sight .  Winter is the time for pipedreams and preparation !

Theres a huge great big box of Fiiish Black minnows at my feet. Various sizes but only 2 colours. I like to keep it simple when Im fishing. My quest for the ultimate fishing system has left me with a massive pile of soft plastics in all manner of shapes and sizes . Fred the creator of Fiiish sent me a few samples to fish with in 2011.  The Bass loved them. I only had a few samples and alas they went to a water grave quite quickly. Fish with me on the Cornish Rips and you will understand what heavy structure means !

I don’t really know what it is about this lure but fish just seem to be fascinated by it ?  All the time that lure is down there below you feel knocks  and bumps as  a shoal of assassins follow the lure . Wrasse go nuts for Fiish Black minnows , as I rediscovered this winter when fishing with Alex and Andrew.

Andrews 8

Andrews 8

Some people may wonder why I have re embraced Fiiish Minnows again. Well the easiest way to explain this would be to copy and paste my own words from a recent email

As a guide I’m always on the lookout for a lure that will catch an idiot a bass’ so to speak ‘. I don’t want to look into a  tackle box and have to choose between 30 different sizes ,shapes and colours of lure.  I would rather just have one killer lure that covers the bases . Fiiiish Minnows do that !

For boat fishing  I find the 25 g x 12o mm Fiiish Minnnow and the 40 g x 140 mm the optimum lure weight and size. I think the 140 mm will be my go to paddletail shad this season .

Soon we will be sacrificing our rubber minnows to the sea in our quest .

For more information on Bass Fishing in Cornwall click here

If you want to purchase Fiiish Minnows look here !


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