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The last couple of years I have been somewhat obsessed with lure fishing for Bass.  My fly rods have seen far less action.  Obsessing over lure for a couple of seasons was a very positive thing. I have gained so much new knowledge and understanding of my fishing area . I took the knowledge of shallow ground saltwater fly fishing in Cornwall and applied it to weedless soft plasics. I think its now time to transpose that knowledge gained with the lure rod back to the fly.


Part of this ‘ return to the source’ has involved rooting out all the publications that fed my original hunger for knowledge  . I have been  so transfixed on todays latest most ‘LIKED’ photo on Facebook( while watching my back) or rambling through the ramblings on fishing forums I quite simply forgot just how much true knowledge and wisdom was im my bookcase. If the articles I have recently written for TSF are half as good as some of these Bass fishing classics then I would regard that as a huge result.

So here are a few publications that have influenced me over the years


Hooked on Bass – Ladle and Vaughan – First Published 1988

This really is the Bible for anyone in pursuit of euro Bass.  Alan Vaughan and Mike Ladle  captured my imagination and enlightened me . Reading chapter 5 Shallow Rocky shores changed everything for me. A fly fisherman has to choose the battleground far more carefully than a bait or lure angler . I still get emails from guys who ask me where they should be saltwater fly fishing for Bass .  In the old days I told them to buy a Ordinance survey map and read hooked on Bass chapter 5 , these days I would suggest they do just the same and then also reference Google Earth.





Pop Fleyes by Bob Popovics  Published 2001

I have not opened this book up for years . I had just forgotten what a huge influence this has been on my saltwater fly tying  . To coin a phrase from the thinking mans TV series X Factor . Mate you nailed it !! Bobs patterns were cutting edge at the time and stand as a testament to just how little the art of saltwater fly tying for cold water species has evolved. Bob looked closely at the major baitfish that Stripers and Bluefish feed on and them created lifelike patterns. I cant find a baitfish pattern that doesn’t derive  a strong influence from patterns in the book. Dave Skoks mushmouth is there and named a generic baitfish. I had a bit of a shock when I spotted Bobs Keel fly. I promise I have not seen that photo for as long as I can remember and yet anyone would swear I had read that book then developed my DNA livebait fly ! Perhaps Bob left a seed in the back of my mind that developed with time ?



Inshore fly fishing By Lou Tabory 1992

Fish are fish where ever you go, river ,stream , ocean or estuary. They share so many common behaviours . Lou Tabory really does provide a great insight into fish movements with the tides and currents , weather changes and the way that we can interpret the influences and make best use of the fly rod.  In short the buzzword for this book would be watercraft.




If the authors of these great books had simply added their thoughts and musings onto todays Facebook News feed or Blogs . All that great knowledge would have been buried within an hour . I’m glad I purchased these before the world changed !!

Paul Morgan will be able to provide these books

 Happy reading !

Austen Goldsmith


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