Good karma !

Posted By Oz on May 16, 2013 | 1 comment

Today started with a family Breakfast of Porridge and Leftfieds ‘ Inspection’ at deafening volume. I thought dads were supposed to tell the kids to turn the music down ? Not in this household ! The joy of a sunny morning and the prospect few hours fishing for Bass got the better of me . Things have been deathly slow in Bass department in West Cornwall  , these water Temperature refuse to rise. Im bored of Pollack or Wrasse I want Bass I want Bass Bass Bass !

Porthleven slipway is a  2 minute drive, its always a welcome luxury to launch on the front door step rather than tow  Zen2 to Plymouth or Falmouth .

If a picture says a thousand words then I suppose a video says more, even a crap one like mine ! They are here ! At last they are back .  I had half forgotten just how Dam cool Bass are , those pectoral fins all lit up electric Blue, Those silver scales. That nodding dog sensation on the rod tip that tells you  have a bass . The line rising up through the water column when a Bass heads towards the surface to shake the lure. They are great to eat , but releasing these fish leaves  a better taste in my mouth ! The 3 Bass I landed this morning all went back. I need plenty of  good karma !

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  1. Your vids are very immersive Austin – killer soundtracks

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