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Posted By Oz on Aug 14, 2013 | 3 comments

Its the halfway point in the season for me , or at least the main season , time for a report on what’s been going on. After the trauma of 2012 both financially and climatically 2013 is a dream come true.  The fishing has been excellent . This joyous Summer has made everything make sense .

June started slowly , the water temperatures stubbornly remained low. Any fish we landed were all falling to winter tactics, Paddle tails in rips fished deep and slow were the go to method for me for week on end, then this wonderful weather arrived and the water temperatures shot up. The sea came to life and the summer bass games began in full earnest . I love fly and Topwater lure fishing and at last the Bass were pouncing on my Z Claw 500 g again. Its also a great deal cheaper , surface lures are rarely lost !

Here are a few photos of fish from the summer , Check out those Cooches Bream , they are awesome fish !

Zen2 Shark Fishing Falmouth bay

I always love to get my teeth into learning new methods and skills. Im not alone, its the nature of the sport . I had planned to start doing some shark fishing in 2013  but it was a chance encounter with fellow UKBASS member Jeff Smith that kick-started operation Shark ahead of schedule . I bumped into Jeff on Mylor slipway in early June , despite the low water temperatures they had landed 8 shark to 100 LB plus . He hit the nail on the head in a sentence I can still hear his words now ” Austen you’ve got to get into this ! We’ve dragged our boat 300 miles to fish here !!”

Clint-editwebWell that was it . Obsessive researching began there and then . The amazing thing about our shark fishing down in Cornwall is that it all happens so close to shore. I can see my Bass marks quite clearly while drifting for Sharks  . We can realistically target  Sharks and Bass on the same charter !! I can go one mile out from the manacles reef and find 250 foot of water !  I don’t know how many hours or days went into researching all aspects of sharking but it soon became apparent that the way that 99 % of people shark fish doesn’t suit me or my approach to fishing  if you spend any time on Youtube you will see 50 lb Blue Sharks being landed on 80 lb Class rods. Were targeting fish that range from 20 – 140 lb . I’ve landed 130 lb Giant Tarpon and GTs on Fly rods so there’s no way were  going to fish with Marlin gear just yet .  I’ve seen charter skippers Gaffing Sharks for no apparent reason. We will never carry a Gaff on Zen2 . Heavy lure rods and heavy Fly rods will be the way forward on Zen2. My Baitcaster and fixed spool reels hold 450 M of 50 lb Braid and are built for battle on the high seas ! Hi end Japanese Lure rods pack a mean punch despite the somewhat effeminate appearance. You just get some feel from the outfits . I cant help but wonder if its time for British Sharkfishing to enter a new era in the same way that lure fishing for bass has done ?


Rods wise I have 4 set ups so far

Lure 1 – Tenryu Steel Red System 4 – Daiwa Saltiga 5000 Series reel

Lure 2 – Major Craft Alexandra Baitcaster Heavy – Avet 5 Series Baitcasting reel

Fly 1 – Loomis Crosscurrent 14 # – Tibor Pacific – 500 g Airflo Depthfinder Big Game

Fly 2 – Loomis Crosscurrent GLX 12 # – Abel Super 12 Reel – Airflo 12 Intermediate


I did have this one on fly the other day, its got to be a record breaker ?

Thanks for reading




  1. Oz,
    You cracked the sharks then mate-well done.I’ve just hit my first porbeagle from North Devon and I’ll be back down for another South West trip again in September.

  2. I would certainly concur with your observations about ‘broom handles’ and overly heavy tackle for Blues. It’s unnecessary, the tackle just needs to be sensible enough to minimise their propensity to roll. Just to add though, in terms of the sharks’ welfare, wherever possible anglers should use non-offset circle hooks.

    Albeit further East a group from our Club (Sportfishing Club of the British Isles) were fishing out of Plymouth last week in, surprisingly, 20C surface water temperatures and the sharks were thick on the ground. On one day one of our members, fishing as a singleton, released 15 to an estimated 120. (And the skipper cranked in a sixteenth when they had a ‘double header’.) More fascinating though – apart from the explosion of jellyfish, sighting of two Sunfish, a small Wreckfish and three Mullet presumably offshore to spawn – were the Tuna. What were they? Um … difficult to say. On one day I spotted two small schools, including individuals jumping – the closest at about 250 to 300’ range. They were relatively small – perhaps 20 to 30 pounders, but I could be out there – and there was an overall impression of silver flanks. But were they Albacore – a bit early I would have thought – juvenile Bluefin or even Skipjack or Little Tunny?

    Now they would be a real target on a fly rod.

    The sharks? On our last day, the Friday, and given that warm water, there were the first signs of a ‘red tide’, that algal bloom with red ‘blobs’ on the line. Our boats had six and seven respectively but then I gather the weekend was very slow with just the odd fish taken.

  3. Hi David

    Thanks for the reply , sorry it took me so long to spot it !!

    All the best


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