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Posted By Oz on Oct 11, 2013 | 1 comment

Ive worked my nads  off this summer ! Its been amazing, exhausting, exciting, funny, sad, easy , hard, humorous, serious and a whole lot more.  Now I have a van that needs a service. Ive spent a grand on the traior  repairs and tyres  this week and the Suzuki DF 150 is just about ready for its 400 hour service. The ironic twist of the knife is that come October the mother load of Bass start to arrive in West Cornwall and the punters vanish! (Time for some winter deals ! Im not missing the best part of the year ) 48 hours ago Khem and I fly fished on the Lizard and landed 9 Bass to the  gurgler  fly on floating lines in 8 foot of water. This drreamy sunset was a wonderful end to what has been a dream run of bookings and weather. Khems a jammy git ! Its becoming a regular theme when we fish together.  Hes a very competent all round angler but that aside he still has a lucky streak . Take Sunday for example. I tried a new drift for Blue Sharks, perhaps brave with a client , but I did have Jammy Khem not a regular punter ! After 5 hours without a bite I decided the best idea would be to go for Bass and try and make it up to the guy. The lifting of the chum bag very much signals the end of the session or the loss of hope . I lifted the bag Khem and had a solid run from what turned out to be a 60 lb shark. These fish tussle really well on the major craft jiggiing rods , saying that the fish was ready to land with 6 minuites.

I just this week finally took the plunge and invested in a gorgeous 2.9 ghz I Mac. I have had that in my mind all summer, its my way of rewarding myself for all those 3 am alarm calls an 12 -13 hour days with 8 of them bobbing about on zen2 . 400 Fiiish Minnows – 6 Spools of 20 lb seguar – 10 spools of 20 lb Braid- 3  broken lure rods – 2 fly lines and God knows how many saltwater flies later I had the time  today to compile all the video clips and test out the I Mac’s video editing capabilites. Its been a joy to use the Mac and even more of a joy to throw the clips together. So many memories , there are parts of the film that make me feel quite emotional. There is only one of the 2013 big bass on the film, the problem is that if my client is playing what I believe to be a lunker I ditch the video camera and do what I can to help get that bass aboard. The only reason that this big one made it onto the film was that I didnt realise it was a proper chunky bass until it popped up by the net .

The Gurgler has been the fly of the season and apears in several scenes. Im a top water lure junkie and I had somewhat forgotten just how effective a surface fly can be. You do however need a strong double haul to get them far enough away from the boat to be viable and edible .


So without further ado heres 2013 and the boat called Zen2 !


Cheers Austen Goldsmith


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  1. Great video, just what I needed when looking out the window with pouring rain and very rough seas…………

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