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Heres a quick review of the Orion Slider 28 g , this is my way of saying thanks to Eric for taking the time to knock out a few lures for me while there are still a few bass around before they head off to the haunted forrest where the pair Trawlers await .

Alex First introduced me to Orions two years  ago . Im slow to learn so it took a further 12 months for me to finally digest the information and order my first batch. I was pleasantly surprised to realise that Eric was actually a customer of mine and has been ordering  gear from uksaltwaterflies.com for several years  . He suggested that he made my lures and I tied him a batch of custom flies , rather than soil the trade with cash . I loved the idea and was soon packaging up some home brew flies and wondering about all those big French Bass eating my Flatwings and Livebait flies !

A killer bass lure on calm days in deeper water

A killer bass lure on calm days in deeper water


Orion are made in France as you may have gathered by now. Eric supplies lures for the hardcore GT Popping fraternity and also the Bass guys. All lures are custom builds and he offers a range of paint jobs that you choose at the time of ordering. This is an old school experience . The lures don’t turn up the next day , they often take weeks to leave France. I think the waiting almost adds to the enjoyment of the experience , a bit like the good old days when you sent your holiday snaps off to be processed from Bonus print or super snaps !


The orion 28 g Slider is a big lure by UK standards at 140 mm and quite chunky , the Patchinko would be an obvious comparison lure at 135 and slightly thinner in the mid section . I rig Patchinkos with the Decoy 2/0 Plugging singles. I will have to look for an alternative for this lure as its  just that bit larger. I had my previous ” lost at sea” 28 Slider rigged with trebles. A Bass around 3 Kg wolfed it down out on Mounts Bay and demolished its gill rakers in the process and paid for its greed with its life. The lure was completely inhaled. That fish really wanted that lure , no question !!


It casts a long way . I think my expression was ” Holy Shit !! ” When I first sent it into orbit ,its a big 28 grams ! When this lure hits the water its either going to ring the dinner bell or the alarm bell. It arrives on the dinner table with a big splash and there are times when I think that the impact wakes the fish up. I don’t know how many Bass I have had over the years  that hit the lure the second that you start to work it but it certainly suggests to me that they come in to investigate and then nail the offering as soon as it moves. The lure is a deeper water lure for me and I would rarely fish this big stick in less that 15  foot of water  . My favourite depth for these larger top waters would be 20 – 40  foot . The deepest I have had hits OTT was 70 foot . The fish were sitting 30 foot down mid water on the finder .


The lure is quite technical to use , you have to work it well to make it sing for you, a Patchinko on the other hand works in the hands of a clumsy dog walker and expert alike.  It has a smooth rounded face ” rather than a cupped face so over work it and you will make it nose dive and kill the action , keeping the rod high when working the lure at range helps you get the best out of the design.  It certainly lends itself to oily flat calm seas . If it were choppy I think I would still favour Mr Patchnkos action and splashiness . Once you do get into the groove with the slider it snakes back and forth like a dream .I slow things down with the lure and allow it to glide a long way.  The hits have been violent. It is a meaty mouthful and does attract the better fish or at least should I say only the larger  mouthed fish in the shoal can grab it with ease.

Theres something wholesome about fishing with a handmade lure sent to you by a guy called Eric  in a shed in France . If Jack Hargreaves was around still Im sure he would agree !! If you do buy a few please say I sent you. http://orionlure.free.fr/slider.html 


Im sure Jack would be an Orion man !!

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