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Last September a crew of 3 professional film makers made their way down to Cornwall to film with me . I certainly felt the pressure as I knew that we had 2 days to get this done and a pretty substantial budget was allocated. Aaron from Bearleft TV and his henchmen were great fun to work with, we also had a local crew providing a very expensive remote control camera drone . I was excited !! I enlisted the help of my friend/ guide  Joel Squires, reasons being selfish and unselfish. I wanted to share the burden of pressure to catch fish. I also figured he looks pretty photogenic, he’s tall and slim .Im shockingly handsome but only from the neck up . He’s a good angler and I like the guy and if this helps him along then I would be killing multiple birds with one stone.


Shore filming 

Day one we fished up on the north Coast. The conditions were spot on for shore plugging, the swell ,light , wind direction and tide were perfection personified . We thrashed that water for 8 or 9 hours tirelessly . The conditions were just so amazing that each time I cast that bloody lure I expected a hit but alas were were skunked and all in Hi Definition !!  I must say that despite our failure to hook anything whatsoever the footage more than makes up for it. Those fly by shots on the drone cam are quite unique. I have never seen anything of this standard in fishing in the Uk before. It would be nice to get more acknowledgement  but as I have learned in 9 years of making my living from fishing I am far my likely to please the lynch mob of wanna be guides , blaggers and pundits with a failure than any success’s. Hey ho thats life in the UK !

The wind was due to drop and the forecast for Tuesday was text book boat fishing perfection.

Its payback time !

We launched the boat around 7 am . The film crew were set to arrive and start filming us fishing , zooming in from the shore and hopefully get some great ariel shots. The fishing Gods decided to make up for our pain and disappointment from Monday and a shoal of thousands , yes thousands of Bass were there , ready and willing to perform for the camera.  I could go on and on about the day , this is the internet so I guess anyone reading this will be starting to get an itchy mouse finger , so I will just say that we absolutely hammered the fish , most were small , we did however have a couple of very nice fish to 7 lb  a couple of these meaty chunks appear in the film . The tragedy that I will never quite come to terms with was the fact that on day 2 when we were literally surrounded by Bass the Drone Cam broke down, we had 10 mins with the drone, that must be the only 10 mins were not hooked into fish !! Imagine shallow gin clear water and a surface lure working along the top and a hundred Bass following the lure ?  If you look the Youtube clock  @ 1 min 23 seconds there is a shoal of Bass swimming Northwards between the Port Bow and the dark reef !

Lets hope for bright blue skys , gin clear flat water and thousands of Bass all around the boat soon ! Oh one more twist in the story. The next day all those fish were gone !

Cheers Oz

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