4.8 Dot Crawler – The Game changer for 2014

Posted By Oz on Apr 9, 2014 | 0 comments

Im quite excited about this ugly lump Plastazole .I think it will be a serious game changer or  at least enhancer in 2014   , it has so many positive attributes crammed into a mould . I’ve already stumbled upon something quite unique that this lure can do  .I just need the Bass to show up and make the same discovery .

I Love Greeen Wrasse and also Green lures

I Love Greeen Wrasse and also Green lures

The Dot Crawler is very dense and has amazing aerodynamic abilities , thats the long winded way of saying it casts miles ! It flies out. I mean this lure will cast as far as quite a few hard lures . It sinks fast , Not too fast but an impatient weightless soft plastic fisherman like myself  will find it pleasing to use . The sink rate will be perfect for Kayak and Boat fishermen . I find many weedless weightless baits soon curve up as soon as the boat starts to drift or we have wind against tide forcing my unweighted Sluggo or Xlayer up through the column.

Colour wise Im a happy Bunny if I have anything olive with a pearly or Yellowy belly , The Xlayer Ayu was a classic  for that reason. Remember the Arkansas Shiner Sluggo  ?  The Fiiish Minnow Kaki is a Classic colour combo .  The Dot Crawler Ayu is spot on colour wise and fills me with confidence when i watch it swim past my rod tip.

The shape is just so clever and thought through. That long extended skittle shape sends it cutting through the air, when fished subsurface it all balances out perfectly and swims nice and horizontal . The rear weighting seems to effect how it works on the surface if you work it fast. The heavy end seems to anchor the butt firmly in the surface while the front end waggles (Think soft rubbery Patchinko ! )So heres the fun twist with this lure

Sluggos are excellent if you work them weightless and twitch them across the surface (Like a surface lure ) They do however tend to lack casting weight  in the smaller sizes and will fly back at you in an onshore wind. The Mighty waveform has the density to cast miles but it doesn’t quite cut the mustard if you surface twitch it .The Dot Crawler as we know , will cast into infinity . What I discovered was that if you go straight into a retrieve when it lands, High stick the rod and work it in the walk the dog style . It will stay up and slash and splash around on the top , its the best looking  small soft rubber surface lure I have ever seen  !  Lets not forget that cute little seductive wiggly teet like thing. I know those work really well and this one is insanely wiggly !  The Keitech Sexy impact was a favourite on Zen2 last summer in the shallow water for the same reason  , but did require that assistance of lead to help it cast.

Im into a simple life and as few lures as possible in the tackle box, thus leaving more headspace for other aspects of fishing , like finding hungry fish or having a giggle  . This lure is going to increase my pile of redundant lures in the shed and reduce the number of packets of wiggly things on my boat or in my rucksack !

Come on bass migrate back into my life . I have something to show you !!

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