Sunset and Sunrise with Mike Ladle

Posted By Oz on May 29, 2014 | 0 comments

Life can be very short so don’t ever waste time when it comes to doing the things you love to do or spending quality time with people you love or admire .  This was brought  home to me this week when I discovered that lovely guy I fished with 10 days ago on the Eddystone suddenly and unexpectedly died while still on his fishing holiday in the West Country. His wife told me he loved his day fishing with me aboard Zen2. He had a heart disease with no idea whatsoever , gone in a split second . Just like that! I found a new friend that day and lost him within 72 hours . So after many aborted days fishing with Mike over the years  hell or high water would not have stopped me from heading down to Dorset for a couple of sessions with the Author of ” Hooked on Bass” Mike Ladle . What a gentleman he is ,a great fisherman and a great waterman too  . He is like an old mountain goat with silver hair . I struggled to keep up with him as we scaled the cliffs and stumbled over the boulders . Im involved with a couple of writing projects so I wont blow my words on the blog page .


8 Hours driving , 7 hours fishing , 4 hours sleeping . I guess the other 5 hours must have been spent chatting about fishing ?  


Mike landed a 5 lb Mullet Second cast a was quite content to just watch them graze on seaweed maggots while we discussed Bass fishing and put the world to rights.


I met a hero of mine and made a new friend , so it was well worth the effort .


I landed with a very nice Kelpy  Golden Bass on the Dot crawler fished super slow. (Gotta show these Dorzzet boys where they are going wrong !!)

Don’t waste  a moment !! No one ever wishes they had spent more time cutting the grass or washing the car when its time to leave this mortal coil !



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