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Posted By Oz on Jun 12, 2014 | 2 comments

zen2-cornwallToday was one of those dreamy summer  days, it did however have a nightmare start with a Bass of double figure proportions lost at the net  . I can’t recall ever losing a Bass that big at the landing net before today . I can still see that fish swimming away back into the depths now . We were both very sad to see that one slide away.  Whenever we hook a big bass I urge (scream politely ) at the person playing the fish to back off the drag As a Bass gets closer  to the boat the pressure increases on the hook and the mouths start to rip if located in the wrong spot . The second you release the pressure with a large hook hole thats it , game over !

We pushed it hard today , burned a large amout of fuel and hunted the far off corners of West Cornwall . Several hours after the lost Bass we found some fish willing to feed. At slack water a shoal appeared on the surface . They looked pure white in the bright sunshine and electric blue water. Just stunning. Ive never seen Bass catch the light like that before . We did manage t land a couple of fish on surface lures. They absolutely refused to eat my fly. I could strip the fly and watch a pod of 20 bass speed up and slow down in sync with my left hand !!


Heres a very short film . What a joy its is to be in Cornwall in the summer .








  1. What a fabulous day that was. Thanks for working so hard on my behalf, it was sad to see that fish swim off without being photographed, but I will never forget the fight it put up, and although being out witted by a fish is nothing to be proud of, what a magnificent specimen it was.
    Seeing that shoal of Bass chasing the lures was another part of the trip that will be forever imprinted on my brain.
    Looking forward to my July trip.


  2. So beautiful I’m not sure if I wanna catch one any more …..

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