Shallow water tactics on bright sunny days

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Today I fished with Roger , Dave and Dave . These guys friendships span back to the school days and its always a pleasure to become part of the gang for a day. I have a job to do but I always enjoy the banter . Its a busy task managing 3 guys and a boat on the drift in shallow water around submerged rocks . You drop you guard at your peril ! I rarely fish in such circumstances . When we struggle to find the fish I hunt for them with my rod as much as I do with the boat. Todays sport was sufficiently busy to keep me on the console full time. I re tie all the leaders , change the lures and keep the guys supplied with a fresh rod as soon as a rod goes out of action. We made the decision to fish for fun in the shallows rather than slog it out for Large Bass on the reefs . I just love those white sand beaches and rough ground patches . It reminds me of the Permit grounds on Los Roques or even Seychelles at times Roger-Daiwa1Roger-Daiwa5

I find Bass will stick to the cover of the darker patches of weed and rough ground like a limpet on these brights sunny days. Low tide and high sun enables you to identify the sweet spots with ease A great presentation if possible is cast the lure to the perimeters of these reefs and draw the fish out. They may hit you by the side of the boat but invariably they have followed the lure out into the open water from their hidey holes .Roger-Daiwa 4

Roger is great friends with Robin Morley the Marketing Director at Daiwa UK . It was Robin who referred the guys to me. As it happens today the killer lure really did turn out to be the Daiwa D Tail 4 inch we landed fish after fish on this soft plastic . These lures are softer than soft , super mobile . The pearl white has what I suspect is a UV colouring, They are quite unique. I like to rig them with the Decoy Bachi 5 g Jig heads , size 2 / 0 hook. In my opinion the rig better with jig heads than they do weedless style.

Roger-Daiwa2When the sun is high in the sky and Im fishing shallow water then I prefer to lengthen the 15 lb Fluro leaders to 5 foot and fish small baits and quite often work them a little faster . Tap – Tap – Tap ,Take up the slack .  Bass don’t wear sunglasses so you need to get the lure down to the fish , be that only  6 or 10 foot down.  It certainly worked today !


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