Someone flicked the switch !

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Bass fishing North Coast of Cornwall aboard Zen2

June can be a sketchy month down here . The large Spring Bass have been and gone , where do they go ? I just don’t know  . Once we go into Summer mode I would regard any bass over 7 Lb as exceptional . I also believe the Bass will become far more ” house trained” and will stick to their favourite spots provided the larder stays stocked and they don’t get harassed by seals or humans . These resident fish form the basis of  a days summer fishing for me , if i find happy ”slob bass” then that makes my job far easier .  September and October can provide me with big fish . Soon after  Christmas lights of Mousehole harbour are switched on and miles of  monofilamnet gilnets  are deployed on the Western reefs . Cornwall will attract vast numbers of 1- 2  KG fish  prior to spawning The glut of fish on the market sends the price tumbling .

Steve Cullen is the most gifted Fly fisherman to grace the decks of Zen2

Steve Cullen and I fished together one day last week , all hopes of a shark on the bait or Fly were dashed by a stiff  Southerly breeze , we slogged it out for 2 hours before opting for plan B and heading inshore to Fly fish for Bass . Steve is a Demon caster , a rare commodity  these days , as more and more Salt water fly fishermen go to the dark side and pick up the lure rod in preference to the Fly . If you want to catch on the Fly you need to have patience , skill and self discipline . You cant catch a Bass on the Fly with a lure rod in your hand !! 


Sea trout on Keitch Sexy impact 3.8 mm

Sea trout on Keitch Sexy impact 3.8 mm

June 2014 was a tough month and certainly not the first one I have experienced . Well the good news is it July . Its as if someone just flicked the switch , vast shoals of whitebait are now in Falmouth Bay. Mackerel and Bass are hitting these shoals hard , a few quiet shore marks I visit have resident shoals of Bass and these fellas are very friendly indeed. I am now booked solid for the next fews weeks , if the weather  remains stable I think that we are going to have a lot of fun ! The brains fried already . It becomes hard to remember who with ,  where or when I  fished as the days start to almost overlap. I finished late on Monday and early today. I slept in my van last night . Im not knocking it but it is pretty demanding, my clients go home shattered after 8 hours on the water . Im doing 30 of those in a row !

Lure of the month ! = Pro Q 90


What a killer surface lure and most importantly user friendly lure , funny enough I recently popped into Bens ‘ Art of fishing ” store the other day for a chat . I noticed these lures looking rather dusty and un loved and demoted to the bottom shelf (Just like mine ! )  . Ive given up trying to sell them , if they were £ 20 rather than £ 12 I would sell plenty ! 


OK time to sort out the gear for tomorrow







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