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Speed blogging time of the year for me , lets see if I can ”bang one out ” in 10 mins , theres so much happening and so many stories to tell and yet I have just no spare time whatsoever .  .  Not that the world is hanging on my every word and desperately awaiting the next exciting installment but I have met so many people recently that do read my blog i guess i should try to do something. Ok Im wasting time !

No mackerel ? No Basking Sharks ?

The month has been a little hit and miss . I don’t think we had any Bass blanks but Ive certainly had to work for the fish , theres so little bait around that the fish just wont stay put in any one spot. They are searching and we are hunting too. Where are the mackerel ? Where are the Basking Sharks ? This must stem from a shift in the food pyramid this year . I think those intense winter storms are still affecting the balance of the sea in our part of the world. 

Oz lands a Hog ! 


This fish was the hardest tussling Bass I have ever encountered in UK water. Most big bass are so often pre occupied with shaking the hook from their mouths they don’t realise they are slowly being dragged to the landing net. This one hit me like a freight train and tussled me good and hard for what seems like 10 minuites  but was probably more like 5 or 6  !! I fished with Martin and his son, it transpires they had never cast a rod before , just mackereling I taught them both too cast (luckily they picked it up pretty fast ) We headed off to a mark where I connected a Bass virgin to an 8 pounder the day before. I could clearly make out the big blobs on the sounder in the exact same spot at the same stage of the colossal spring tide .


After an hour Martin had a big fish on the Fiiish Minnow 140 / 40 g Blue.  Not a bad start to a bass fishing trip . An hour went by and we must have drifted over the Pod of Bass 30 times. They had lock jaw.

Fiiish 160mm/30 g combo

Fiiish 160mm/30 g combo


Nick Collins had told me of the success he has with big Bass on the larger Fiiish Minnows. I switched to the 30 g / 160 mm dirty Blue. I wanted to experiment with this lure so grabbed a spare rod from the rack . (My first attempt at fishing myself after 2 hours of pure skippering ) I just made an uptime 45 degree cast and let the lure flutter in the tide. I honestly thought the fish was 15 pounds when she came to the surface . Huge head and shoulders on this fish . Epic stuff  !!


Saltwater Fly 

Ive had  several Fly guys down recently. Its funny as these days .I almost have to force the fly guys to fly fish . Ok force is an exaggeration , shall we say bully them !! I tell them they will thank me when they land a Bass on the fly rod ! One or two of Five hours later they do. Rule No1 when it comes to saltwater fly fishing is pick up the fly rod !!!! Fishing sunk lines is an art form, far harder than dry fly fishing in our rivers , getting a 400 g fly line to fly through the guides can be a challenge. Understanding and interpreting where your fly is in the water columnn and its pathway through the tide is bloddy hard to grasp. Yesterday we fished intermediates in 10 foot of water , that was a luxury !


Ok speed blogging done  . 10 mins , no chance more like 30 !


Cheers Oz


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