Cod don’t take poppers

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If theres one thing that defines Bass fishing its fishing disturbance lures and flies on the surface , its just the best ! I never tire of watching Bass large or small follow and boil around a surface lure before sucking it, the next fish may just smash the lure at like a torpedo . I had one Bass take the lure in the air the other day !  It also makes the process of ”Guiding” that much easier as I can interpret exactly what my clients are doing with the fly or lure rather than try to guess what the lures doing based on how they are using their hands to work the rod and reel or strip the fly  . The last few days have all been about surface lures , actually despite my best efforts I cant actually find any bass willing to hit anything else . Its all a bit weird out there right now .Acres of white bait but only a couple of reefs that are holding resident fish . Ive had to resort to fishing the same spot 80 % of the time for the last 4 days . Im amazed that the fish are still tolerating our presence and have not moved on . I set myself a target of 10 Bass per day and we seem to be teetering around that number everyday. One day we never raised a Bass all day . I hate that when it happens , clients sympathetically say to me ” Hey Austen thats why we call it fishing and not catching” Yes I know that but its not something I ever get used too , yes Zen 2 is an awesome boat , the rods and reels too boot and the scenery can be epic . No matter how you dress it up , clients want to catch Bass .Fancy photos of scenery and casting , close ups of lures are no replacement  for big fish and happy smiling anglers   The next day we hooked a Bass  first cast . What can you do !?

Lure of the week 


10471033_10153048651138858_157423713889321528_nDaiwa Pop and skater 11 Ghost Olive 

I recently purchased one of these Daiwa lures , Daiwa UK sponsor Zen2 but in this instance I just figured I would grab one of these while  I was purchasing a Hearty Rise landing net . Credit where its due . I purchased the net etc from Monster Tackle in Jersey . Its how you deal with lifes screw ups that defines custom service. We had a problem with UK customs . Joe kept in touch and got everything sorted out as fast as possibe . 10 out of 10 !!

The Z Claw is a permanent fixture on Zen2 . It is however somewhat technical to fish  and requires almost perfect timing to get that tight little butt waggling like a cat walk model. The Daiwa lure has a similar action (tight wiggle) but it has a subtle cupped face, similar to a Sammy. The lure creates just a tad more disturbance through chop. It can also be used as a Popper if need be , you can also straight retrieve and slide it in the same manner as the classic Duel Allie Mag slider . I love the colour scheme . Drab browns, golds , Olive greens always float my boat . Its also cheap. £9.95 for a top quality surface lure .

Fly of the week 


Fly of the week ‘The Gurger” 

Ive been a fan of the Gurger for years now . It has a great noise to bulk ratio, Poppers and crease flies can be a pig to cast, sometimes they are almost too buoyant , the result being that when a fish attacks the lure they actually push the fly away from themselves and miss it. The Gurgler sits snug in the surface film and is far easier for a bass to suck backwards into black hole . You can make them plop and pop you can also wake them through the surface film with a rolly Polly 2 handed retrieve . This version is quite large and tied on a 3/0 hook . I say go big and try to fish as large as you can cast. Our flies are still puny in comparison with the smallest Bass surface lures in my tackle box .A mate of mine who does not fish once laughed when I  mentioned this fly , apparently , ”Gurgler”  was the name given to someone who would do anything for a pay rise . Ive been trying to figure out what he meant for years now ??

Tight floating lines ! Oz





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