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Posted By Oz on Sep 6, 2014 | 1 comment

It quite funny really how we can all get sucked into all the hype and commercially driven excitement in  magazines or ” Blogs ”. I can be just as easily led up the garden path as anyone else and take the odd look at a blog to see which  latest ” must have ”  lure is being heralded . I can easily forget that I have a load of great unfashionable lures jammed into the archtrave of the door to my fishing warehouse, come stock , room come disaster zone . All this talk of lures and tackle is inane .

What if I  wrote about the sunrise across Mounts bay , the porpoises and the reflections on the water and the community of cranky, weird  , crusty old gits I often share the water with?  What about Nigel Hill eh ? Who’s Nigel anyone reading may ask. Well Nigel is one in 10 million  . The real deal , as Cornish as they get . He lives for that reef and to be on the water . Saltwater runs through his veins , and it seems to leave him with a permanent smile on his face . At certain times of the year I may meet this fisherman every day ,its is  ritual that I cherish . We were recently out of sync. He was fishing early doors and I was fishing PM shifts . After 3 weeks I start to worry about the old goat  . I actually made calls to people to check that he was ok !  Suffice to say he was fine . I would miss Nigel out there . I used to have a complete and utter disregard for bass commercials , its hard to hate people when they are so nice to you !  The deep West  is far less friendly . Proper Pirate country down there , Penzance is rough tough town , Newlyn is a serious fishing port . I updated my lifeboat training this week . I shared the class with two , 50 year old career trawler men , those guys are hard men ! 10 days at sea  and 2 days off, 2 hours on and one hours kip . Imagine that ? We came different worlds . I would not dare question their philosophy towards marine management or the environment for fear of a verbal kicking , regardless I had a great deal of respect for these guys , they were both very polite and had a strong moral code . Band of brothers stuff , proper men that work the sea .

Back to the Penzance fishermen on the reefs , these guys have a reputation for being  intimidating on the water and highly terretorial  . I have yet to experience anything resembling agro down west . I actually avoided heading down that way for years following the horror stories and rumours . So far so good . I do however play the game gently down that way and keep right out of other peoples way. When I release a Bass I purposely wait until I have an audience watching the fish go back . He’s putting em all back  !! I heard one of them say in a deep Cornish accent . It has taken me years to become part of the furniture on Falmouth Bay I guess a few years from now I will be an accepted part of the scenery off Sennen Cove . Lets hope so , because the scenery alone is enough to stop you breathing for a moment or two .


Ok back to lures

Perfect timing. I wrote this blog last night and this morning i proved the point with this greedy fat pig ! My God this fish wanted the lure . Two violent misses and then the third stoke hooked up !  Gunfish works so well when there is a little chop to contend with . The squared off face makes a perfect splash , not too much , not too little . Note the size 2/0 decoy plugging trebles . No loss of fish , actually more landed in my opinion . 

Allie Mag Slider , Lucky Craft Sammy – Lucky Craft Gunfish – Heddon Super spook  are  classic old school lures , Sammy being the killer , what an easy lure to walk the dog with  , casts well , catches fish , Mine has  been been sitting there awaiting re discovery  for years . Well there you go a blog done and hopefully not perceived as commercially driven and hopefully not too ”inane”


cheers oz


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  1. Great post, Austen — all good sense, as usual.

    Re the WTD lures — a Sammy for calm conditions, a Gunfish for when there’s a little bit of chop, and a Patchinko when it’s almost too rough for WTD style fishing. That’s all you need, in my humble opinion. (I too have a box full of other, briefly-fashionable lures, but see little reason to give them a spin.

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