Gold Bars

Posted By Oz on Oct 1, 2014 | 0 comments

September was crap ! What a wash out it was. I cant remember a worse one ever. We only had one bass over 6 Lb from a month of solid fishing , not even that many around either . Well its now October , the days are getting much shorter , the air is clammy and damp after 6 pm at night . Even the air is getting ‘Bassy” This is it now , let prime season begin .The last couple of days have been 10 plus Bass days and  after a month of endless 42 – 45 cm fish a few decent fish have decided to show up . At last i have some Gas to cook with .  I just love Bass when they take on those golden Autumn colours , today we had several golden bass, they are all so fat and healthy right now, its been a great year for baitfish and it shows up in the girths and the strength of the fish when hooked.


The fish are still in the shallows and really responding to surface lures . Talking of which Ive been experimenting with the MegaBass X lush . I read a very negative blog about this surface chugger. Well first cast of this lure yesterday resulted in a near miss from a large Bass and 10 more fish landed . Likewise today this lure stood out to the fish. Obviously Bass don’t read blogs ! Its an odd surface lure but great for beginners , just draw it across the surface with a straight retrieve and add the occasional dampened  plop and splash , thats all that you need to do. `Bass seem willing to do the rest for you ! if your looking for a choppy water surface lure  , then this may well be the one for you !!


Its unquestionably the people that make this job so special and especialy guys like Mark who have become regulars and fish with me year on year . At the end of this month my diary will completely bottom out, thats it game over . Yes there will be a few charters here and there but fundamentally thats it. The fact that there will be thousands of tons of Bass swimming past my front doorstep  between now and Christmas will have no influence over bookings. Ive flogged the ” Fortune favours the brave ” motto to death trying to get the message across with little impact. Well at last I have just accepted that fact . I have decided to give up worrying about it any more . 


 It will all fall into place and make sense soon and my winters will no longer be spent staring at a computer screen while dreaming of next spring.




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