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I fished with Ross from Alderney Angling and his brother Sam the other day . You cant beat it when the fish are on the first reef you visit , highly fizzed up and aggressive. It makes my job so much easier . I can relax a little and just watch the drama unfold rather than try to find the fish as I so often have to do.


First drift and were into a good fish ,!!

Ross Johnson bassfishing in Cornwall on zen2

Ross Johnson bassfishing in Cornwall on zen2


Sam Johnson and a Salt Skimmer lure

Great to see young and old faces aboard the boat. I fished with Michael the week before , this is our 3rd season fishing together , Mikes just turned 83 years old , he still casts a surface lure and works it well. I do have to choose a nice calm  spot to fish with this true gentleman ! (Sir Michael actually !)


Mike playing a hog of a Wrasse



Mark R (Below) Is a regular and now a great friend , we have such a laugh together , we share the same silly sense of humour. Mark has been through so much in the time I have known him , he has fought for his life twice with bone marrow treatments , he values every day and adores his family and so he should . Its these people that make this job so special . As each year goes by my list of good friends who charter Zen2 lengthens . Its the thought of fishing with these guys next year that will get me through the long dark winter !!


Mark had a nice Bass from this rip

Saltwater fly fishing requires steely grit and determination , you need to be far more aggressive in your technique , both in terms of casting and also how you work the fly through the water and also cover the water with your fly.


My Lazy Flatwing in Olive has been landing Bass for years now , cant beat some Icelandic sheep hair and Jungle cock eyes .

saltwater fly cornwall - zen2

saltwater fly cornwall – zen2

As the season for customer  traffic on Zen2  starts to slow down and the days shorten I find myself just that bit more appreciative of every day afloat.   Zen2 will continue to charter for my hardcore clients all winter .

My other boat Stargazy will be launching very soon. This is a massive new chapter in my life . I will be commercial fishing for Mackerel and Squid during the winter months . I will do anything to be able to stay out on the water  . I miss the people but refuse to miss out on the scenery !!

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