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Posted By Oz on Oct 16, 2014 | 1 comment

If ever I come home full of excitement and try to capture the feeling while its there for my blog , it will normally be some report of a big Bass , perhaps hectic sport or maybe just a great day with great company on Zen2 . Well today I did come home with a spring in my step and the feeling that perhaps everything is falling into place.  I have put aside every spare penny this year following my decision to take up commercial fishing during the winter months . I cant spend 6 months of the year out on the water surrounded by all that marine life and beauty and the other 6 months trapped indoors. There have been times when I wish I was a grizzly bear . I could just sleep in a cave and awake in the spring .   This was not an overnight decision it was the result of perhaps 2 years consideration . This 10 year journey into the world of self employment via fishing has had many chapters and I have  done some amazing things , travelled the world and fished alongside hundreds of people , just an incredible decade both professionally and personally. Being booted off a building site for being the worlds worst carpenter  in 2004 was one of the best things that ever happened to me ! The fishing thing all started because I had exhausted every other traditional avenue , in the end I just thought Fuck it I will follow my heart . This continues !


At 630 am  Sam and I launched my work boat Stargazy into the black remains of the night . I was still rigging the navigation lights at 10 pm last night . I needed to test out the Suzuki DF 25 engine one more time following a fair amount of fiddling with different propellors to suit the hull.  We’re still not really there yet. I think I may need to upgrade to a 30 hp engine ? My knowledge of squid fishing is limited at best . I do however get to spy on the squidders as I come and go on Zen2 . I also have a few friends out there on the water , the inevitable result of spending so much time in the same office space as the commercial fishermen . Its hard to stay hating people when they always smile and wave at you as you by !  Sam and I drifted around keeping an eye on the other boats and how they fish for squid. We landed only 5 . I did however bump into Falmouth Bays most loveable fisherman , Nigel , he had landed 30 Kg of squid that morning . Nothing special by squidding standards , lets say average to  OK. Well at £6.50 per Kilo thats not bad !! Its dirty work and you often  fish in the dark . You also fish in the wind and rain . I don’t care I will be out on the water  and not attached to this keyboard . Where theres ink there brass !


The recent internet crucifixion I experienced via the Lure forum certainly took its toll on my spirits . One or two guys that I had certainly categorised as friendly aquaintences were swift to cut me down and that was sad . I knew that this decision would give fodder to the guys who already had a grudge to bear with me , my decision was a gift for a couple of big egos in the fishing world and boy did they seize it . I tried to explain my stance on Bass, my concern for the species and repulsion of un ethical inappropriate harvesting but this all fell on deaf ears. Regardless of their indegnation I will continue to support those who campaign for Bass and likewise roll up my sleeves and be involved with the fight.


There was a time in my life when I cursed every single commercial  fisherman on the water as Bass murdering bastards . I now  understand that the majority of the boats I see on the water have absolutely no interest in Bass . They are too busy making money from catching muck !  As will I soon .

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  1. Good luck in your new venture, Austen!

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