A forgotten fish

Posted By Oz on Dec 18, 2014 | 0 comments

I have just been flicking through some photos from this year and  I found this one . Its a fish I had completely forgotten about in the blur of days at sea chasing Bass in Devon and Cornwall . The first thing I notice  I look so bloody happy  !  These fish just excite us so much . The second and more significant thing was a friend in the background. He’s a rod and line , lure fishing commercial bass fisherman , the passion and knowledge I have for bass is eclipsed by that man. I share the water with these guys . We share and exchange knowledge  . We also share the same future if Bass are not rescued from the industrial scale and abusive fishing practices that are taking place out there . We don’t agree on everything but theres so much common ground .

This amazing silver fish has been left for dead by the bureaucrats in Europe.  This should concern the man in the background as much as the grinning charter skipper  in the foreground . Im afraid we share the same fate . Can we work together to save Bass ?

Same fish same future

Same fish same future

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