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Im not used to so many positive things happening around Bass and today was hopefully another good day for the future of the species .  This afternoon I attended a meeting deep in the heart of the commercial fishing world, the Sea fish training room at Newlyn. I was absolutely amazed to find the room full of people from both recreational and commercial fishing , it was the number of commercial fishermen in attendance that really shocked me , it does beg the question , were those guys there concerned about the future of the wonderful species or were they simply concerned about their livelihoods ? I guess the two go hand in hand , are these inshore guys willing to contribute to the campaign to save Bass or do they think they can slip through the radar  ? Lets see ?  I have attended a few fisheries meetings and one thing that amazes me is just how little so many of these professional Bass fishermen actually know about the species and the changes in the stock dynamic . These guys are generally playing catch up and are  now keen to show their faces at all meetings involving Bass , suddenly I think they realise that if they may need to  start playing the violins and drowning out the scientists . The closure of the offshore fleet will have made them realise they could be next  on the hit list .

C- Bass Tag training with CEFAS

C- Bass Tag training with CEFAS

Anyway enough of that and onto  C-Bass  

The project is a mixture of both electronic tags and also traditional tags . The electronic tags are limited to a hundred or so, we viewed the data from a few electronically tagged fish  that have been captured and it was quite amazing to see just how much territory these fish do cover , one fish went from North France across to East coast of England , then across to Holland where the fish laid up in an estuary for sometime , then eventually West and I think was landed in Dorset .  I am excited to be one the first 5 guys on the project. I received an invite a few months ago. I jumped at the chance . I understand that the project will widen out to involve more people later in the year .

So today I joined 3 of the 5 ”taggers” after the meting and had some training with tagging the bass . Just for the record these Bass were all from CEFAs tanks rather than wild fish , the big one was 67 cm and the fattest most obese Bass I have ever seen , you could tell it had lived on cake and burgers in a tank. It had the tail of a 3 pound fish , quite an odd creature to someone who works with wild fish day in and out.  The tagging process is pretty simple . I will supply an approximate location of the fish along with simple nose to tail measurement .  Each fish gets 2 tags . Lets see where they end up ? Its  going to be fun to tag my customers bass this season . I think that it will add an interesting conservation dynamic to the day on zen2 . Im not even sure which way I would like the statistics to go on this. If the fish stay inside the 6 mile limit then it backs up the case for stronger localised management . If they all end up in Holland or France it means we have to look at the EU approach to have any real advantage. Thats how I see things anyway.


Bottom line is Im proud to be involved and look forward to watching those tagged Bass  swim away


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  1. Well done Austen — good on you!

    I hope it has a positive effect on your sign-up rate, as well as contributing to the science.

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