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This time every year I find myself sitting at the vice tying flies . The vast majority of which will be used on the boat over the season , after years of pontification I finally got my act together , clamped my vice onto the table , tied my arse in the chair and tied up dozens of new patterns, many of which have been trapped in my head for years .

Something old something , new , something borrowed and yes there are a few Blue ones awaiting release from the kitchen  . I have been obsessed and completely absorbed in the process. It hasn’t been easy , there is a big difference between bashing out 20 clousers and crafting  dozens of Tarpon  flies . Last time I tied a fly in public was 2010 in Galway . As I sit here tying these flies , all that data from the trips around the globe is manifesting itself in front of me . Its been great fun scraping the rust away . I should have around 20 patterns online soon . I have 10 or 12 here ready to go . I just need to try and get a half decent stock of these flies before I release all of my puppies .`I hate owing people flies . The first time I released the Livebait fly online I sold 350 in 2 days . It was a disaster . I only had 36 in stock , some people had to wait months !!


Black Death Tarpon Crab

Black Death Tarpon Crab

My traditional fly tying heroes . Tim Bosrski , Enrico Puglisi and Bob Popovics need a mention and I can see its influence over my tastes  . Florida Keys guide Don Gable introduced me Pete Smiths Fox Fur Tarpon fly and his luscious toads in 2009 . I have had a great deal of respect for his efficient tying methods . I now tie toads ”V Style” This is a direct  SS Flies influence ,  thanks ! Mobility and resistance are high on my list so expect to see a few  synthetic muddler style flies , on the subject of which Johnny King deserves a mention, that guy amazes me with highly polished perfection  . Jono Makim has emerged from the shadows over the last few years . I admire his deceivers and this has influenced my approach to finishing off the head of a fly. That one was one of the toughest challenges and still work in progress !!



First out of the closet is the Black Death Tarpon Crab . Ive never seen one out there but no doubt some bright spark will take great pleasure in showing me one someone  tied in 1974 !!  Take this one to Cuba and make a guide smile !!


Cheers Oz


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