Used and Abused #1 Daiwa on Zen2 (season 3 )

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In this day and age every review or mention of fishing tackle tends to focus on the  new , whats hip and in many cases what is effectively untested gear . Nice photos, nice words but often full of speculation rather than experience.  I’ve been in the game for over a decade now and somethings never change.

Daiwa sponsor me or should I say Zen2 . We use and abuse  Daiwa gear , not exclusively I should add  . I like to flirt with other products from time to time . It can be tricky being sponsored and being able to speak your mind in a negative way about your ” donor” gear. If and when I come up against a product that lets me down or doesn’t suit my  style of fishing I will always be honest and tell the guys I work with .This may not be what they want to hear but I don’t feel comfortable playing  games with the truth.   I may not go public and rant and rave about how bad something was , theres retaining integrity then these plain stupidity ! So hopefully this precursor to a product review will set the tone .

First Bass of the new season and that Fiiish Minnow again !

First Bass of the new season and that Fiiish Minnow again !

It’s spring and I am now making my preparations for the intense season ahead . I had the first Bass of spring  a couple of days ago, My first spring Bass has come from the exact same reef and even the same part of that large reef  3 years in a row !! Zen2 will be out there hunting Bass for somewhere in the region of 120 days a year , well it has the last 2 years . I will be pretty depressed if I don’t achieve the target again this year . I still have plenty of gaps to fill in the diary but then that happens every year . They should fill !! ?? GULP . I want to look at the gear Ive been using over the last few years , there are products that I dont rate but as I explained I prefer to keep stum and focus on the goodies .


Daiwa Certate reels 

We use the 2500 series and 300 Series Certates on Zen2 , its actually the Pollock that put the real strain on the reels and we certainly have landed plenty now . The drag systems have been 100 % faultless to date ,they also have a very powerful drag system (Certainly powerful enough for UK Bass Pollock .Cod etc ) Bail arms are still clicking over perfectly and the reels are still light and silent to wind. This was a very pleasant surprise. I did wonder if they would shape up and take the strain . Yes they are expensive reels but they really have lived up to the price tag . I have used and abused lower level Daiwa and Shimano reels and they have  folded within months given the daily grind . Im not willing to leave my Certates in a bucket of saltwater to fully test the seal but I think that they must be. As I go into the new year all I need to do is replace all the braided lines . Amazing performance from these reels . Lets see how they are in another 12 months time !?


Daiwa Tournament 7 foot 14 – 42 g Lure rod( also 7’6 –  28 – 84 g ) 


This rod is simply the most versitle  7 foot lure rod I have ever used. No rod can be a master of every discipline , you cant expect to be able to flick a small X layer and 7 g jig head out and the switch over to a 60 g Fiish minnow with the same rod. Well this rod gets very close to that . The lure rating is 14 to 42 g. I would say 20 to 50 g. I do lob out the 60 g Minnows carefully with no issues. The tip is medium fast , very crisp and sensitive  . The mid section tapers to a decent thick butt section with plenty of Pollock stopping power. I almost cringe when I think about what we push those rods through . I fish 100g  and even 120 g lures Vertical using this rod . The finish is simple and solid . The reel seat could be better but so what . Every person that has used this rod has really liked the feel and versatility of the Daiwa Tournament . I also own one of the 7 foot 6 – 28 – 84 g Tournaments. At first I didn’t like it. I called it the elephant gun, 2 years on I love this rod . I can cast big heavy Minnows up to 90 g . It will still work a Patchinko all day long quite happily . Its a bruiser but we all need a little muscle from time to time.

The only problem with the rod is getting them in the UK , they have now upgraded the rod with the Air Guide system . I would kill for one of those ! You can purchase these rods online from France in the meantime . The range is large and also includes longer versions suited to the shore fishermen.


Here is a link to Daiwa France website .

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