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Photography wise today was a disaster , but if your brave enough to take an old battered  400 D and a Canon 50 mm fixed  F2.8 down the river then high wastage is forgivable  But non the less a canon F 2.8 will always throw out something a bit special if you just keep clicking away. Talking of rivers my 10 year old  son fell in the river this evening, fully clothed , fell off a rope swing face down in front of all his buddies. He thought it was hilarious. 20 mins later he was shivering and his lips were blue. Oh the trials of life eh !! He started to wimpier . That was time to finish our pints in the beer tent and take the boy home for a hot shower !




Sorry about the out of focus shot ,I guess the sensor preferred the gin clear river to the people fishing it


The only in focus long shot is Dave with the rod stuck between his legs

The best thing about today ( other than Oli face planting in the river ) was fishing with Dave Sharples on my local stream . He moved to Australia a few years ago and I just assumed I would never  see him again , well just like me he realised that it is hard to shake off your Englishness and Australia is not quite the pot of gold you expected it to be . Its been 5 years or so since I last saw him.


Thats a Canon F2.8 doing its thing perfectly . Chalk stream stockies eat your heart out


100 % wild Trout

A couple of weeks ago I found myself in a conversation about suitable rods for stream fishing . The Reddington Butterstick came up. Its a fiberglass , super soft floppy (Retro ??)  fly rod . I ended up ordering 3 of them from the guys at Guide Fly fishing . Today Dave and I met up and took out our  comedy fly rods down to the stream . I must say that at first I was horrified ! In modern terms the phrase would have been WTF !! Two hours later I realised that all this hype around fiberglass rods was completely justified once you learn to slow everything down and let the rod do the talking . Dave has the 7.6 / 3 wt andI have the 6 foot 2 Weight , both are  great to fish with . On my patch the 6 foot 2 weight wins , they are a tad soft for flicking out tungsten nymphs but for dry fly  or light nyphing we both thought the slower softer feel of the rod was be perfect , actually after 2 0r 4 hours clink and dink fishing tight streams  with floppy glass there was no going back.

Fly fishing is all feel or at least it should be . Tiny streams streams deliver that in abundance . The fishing was the worst I have known for this stream . The company and the feel of fibreglass rods made up for that .


Soft Fibreglass rods are great fun and bring something genuine back to fly fishing

Sharing things you have found with mates you thought you had lost is brilliant

When your son turns up wet to the bones fully clothed having fallen into the the stream thats equally priceless !!

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