Saltwater Fly Fishing Festival 2015 ( THE SALT)

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Help !! This crazy lady with a crazy idea just wont leave me alone !! Let me explain.


September is prime season for Fly fishing for Bass in the UK and as result I am on the water day after day. The ansaphone machine bleeps and flashes at me in an attempt to get my attention   , the emails start to pile up . I should take a day off but I don’t. I have a terrible fishing addiction and equally terrible bank balance  so I just keep fishing away , day after day . Its the storm before the winter calm for me . I am a hamster and my cheeks are full of nuts this time of year !!! Last September a lady from St Mawes on Roseland Peninsular called me . This rather well spoken lady who I didn’t know caught me off guard , tired and rather unreceptive . My tired hamster brain just could not accommodate anything that she had to say. She wanted to organise a Saltwater Fly fishing Festival and wanted all the help I could afford her . What did I do ? Im afraid I coped out I sent her in the direction of another person ” Fly fishing guide ”  that I thought might be better equipped to help via his esteemed list of fishing dignitaries .  Its amazing that Amellia is still determined to make this happen as she has had nothing but time wasting and demands for money to deal with .


Amelia Whittacker knows very little about fishing , yet alone Saltwater Fly fishing . She runs a successful Bed and Breakfast in St Mawes . This well spoken , determined lady is obviously one of life’s organisers and she does run other ” Festivals ” . Something about saltwater fly fishing scene has captured her imagination , she is hell bent on getting a festival going . Its time for me to make up for my lack of input at the early stages and get involved and also look for other guys I know or respect to help out . It’s a good thing and it could be great fun .

11223877_10154009760073858_6684873636770647345_o100 Quid , Bloody 100 Quid !!

Every time I bring up the subject of the festival I get hit with the same reply . At first I was somewhat in agreement  as I just couldn’t get my head around ” THE SALT ” . I recently met up with Amelia and her partner Tim . By the time we were finished I realised that £ 100 for a 4 day  event with various BBQ , Live music , drinks , casting clinics  is no rip off . I will also work on some Fly tying demos and general fly tying Q & A things to add to the mix . Another thing I may  bring to the mix is write a guide book to suitable locations for Saltwater Fly fishing in the vicinity of the festival . We have also added a couple of hours on Zen2 to the itinerary  for festival goers that upgrade. One word I have not used is competition . I don’t really like competitions so anyone else out there that feels intimidated by any competition element need not worry . Just come along have some fun , walk the coastal path fly rod in hand , meet up with other people on the scene.


Amelia has discounted the first 25 places to £ 75 and there is also a £ 45 entry option for  the the competition . So price should not be an excuse for anyone anymore 








DATES 24 th to 27 th September . Those are killer tides during the killer month ! 




Thanks for reading Oz

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