Treble hooks suck !

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Im not too sure how long it is now since I made the decision to switch to single hooks on my hard lures ? I guess it has to be a couple of years now . I do still have a few lures in the box with treble hooks but as they corrode they always get replaced with single hooks . Heres the reasons why and my  findings and feelings on the subject


Orion Slider rigged with Decoy Jigging Singles Size 2/0

Fish care 

If you fish with treble hooks its only a matter of time until you will experience fish getting hooked in the eye , gills ,face . Its pretty grim to witness . In the old days I was 100 % catch and release . I do ponder as to how many Bass I sent swimming off to a watery grave or at the very least seriously affected their chances in the harsh world I returned them too ? How well can a one eyed Bass hunt or avoid predators ? The vast majority of the fish I catch annually are returned. I owe it to myself and the fish to make this process as pain free and stress free as possible(for a fish and angler !)  . I want that fish to survive the event and get bigger and hopefully return to my hook in a few years time . I hate that solemn feeling when I return a messed up fish and the sense of farce  around the event .

Hopefully the last Bass to die due to treble hooks on Zen2

Treble hooks on a surface lure did this


Fewer lost fish 

Making the switch to single hooks  required a leap of faith . I remember a long discussion years ago on the UKBASS forum . A few guys waded in and were quick to discount the idea, suggesting that the net result of the switch would be less fish landed. I completely disagree with this now  having hooked and landed so many on singles and lost so many  fish on trebles .Its logical . If I cast a hard lure its invariably a surface lure . Bass will slash and swipe at this and try to stun the prey . With treble hooks we often hook our fish in the cheeks or flanks , sometimes even the tail ! When a Bass attacks a lure with a single hook it will often take quite a few hits before its is on , but when its on, `ITS ON  ,  its hooked fair and square in the mouth. I am now playing a fish on a size 2/0 hook ,  with trebles I may be playing a 10 lb bass on one size 2 prong hooked in the cheek  . No thanks !! You will hook a few less fish but the loses are dramatically reduced . Im starting to labour the point now !

ZEN2 oz-bass-july15-3

I landed this fish yesterday on a Patchinko. It had a single and a treble. The treble snapped when I unhooked the fish

Personal Safety

Thursday I had the worst case senario . A small school Bass that has hit an old Frosty that was kicking around in my lure box , trebles nice and rusty too. The fish was in the boat in seconds , now thrashing around on the deck , tangling the landing net in the process , trebles snagging everything. I grabbed the fish it went crazy and yep Im now attached to a treble hook and the other one has a angry Bass going beserk ! Somehow I managed to free myself in a split second . I have a small scar on my finger but it could have been so much worse .


For 100 mm or less lures I use Decoy plugging singles Size 1//0


For Patchinko – Z Claw – Sammy – Allie Mag – Gunfish . I use Decoy plugging single Size 2/0


For Orion Slider or Feed Popper try Decoy Jigging Single size 2/0


Be brave make the switch who cares if you drop a couple of foul hooked fish ! If you fish for sport be sporting about it ! 




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  1. I totally agree with this post, and having not used trebles a great deal because of the hassles associated with unhooking well ‘hooked’ fish.
    When I buy lures I chop the trebles up with wire cutters and bin them,
    Carry on the good work.

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