Fathers and sons ( and daughters )

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Fishing blogs tend to be all about how awesome everything is , well not today  , today was so bad fishing wise that I just did the honest thing and told my clients I was wasting their money and my time , we agreed on an half day tariff , had lunch together at Castaways and I dropped the guys off , bid them farewell , hoped they were serious about a return trip in October and went home to my own family . Its a fascinating experience to be the skipper of a boat when you share the day with a father and his son . Its a special time for my customers and in a funny kind of way I become part of that dynamic for a day . I get an up close insight into the lives and relationships of these two people over the 8 hour day ,life is short and our chances to be together can be limited , if clients also choose to do B & B at my place ,so much greater is the experience and the insight  . Mike and his son Dan have gone home now . It was great to observe the closeness of  29 year old doctor and his 60 something father . I came away wishing I was as close as that to my father and determined too stay as close as I am now to my own son . Mikes son was a son to be proud of , handsome,  gifted and respectful , a man who didn’t rush to reply as he digested information, the guy has an obviously great future ahead of him ,

11267763_10153924103363858_4843373100486738404_o-2It a couple of months now since I fished with Kevin and his  daughter . Likewise I came away from the day with great feeling from sharing a day out on the Cornish coastline with such a close family unit. Kevin has 7  children  , yet he choose his daughter to fish the day . She was lovely and bloody determined to catch fish . Her excitement and his pride beam out of the photo


Charles came along with his son Sam . He was 11 years old and keen as mustard . He had first Bass of the day on a surface lure . If i can get a moment like that early in the day its a huge relief to me. The three of us fished together and that day Sam landed more Bass than myself and his dad , he also landed the best fish of the day . To say he was excited was an understatement ! Apparently he was on a high for days.


When I have had a tough day and not managed to deliver the goods I find myself looking back at the other positive side of the job . That being the mixture of people I fish with and my 8 hour insight into their lives .

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