Posted By Oz on Feb 16, 2016 |

I don’t bother with the local rags but when I saw the wealthy fisherman /  businessman Chris Bean looking glum faced on the front cover of last weeks West Briton I just had to grab a copy and find out what the article tiled”  EXTINCTION ” was all about . It was a classic example of the rhetoric that has gotten Bass stocks into the state they are now. Hook and line guys take a fraction of the numbers that the inshore gill netters do. The H & L guys I know go to sea to find Bass while other fishermen such as Chris Bean will stay close to the shore line and in some instances lay nets worryingly close to Bass Nursery Areas .  A very depressed local commercial fisherman  told me of the 600 Kgs Chris landed in a day , spitting distance from Gillan Creek , an area I used to fish with clients that has strangely gone down hill for the last few years ! That is just the tip of the iceberg and one of countless big days these inshore netters have .




So I replied to the article , my reply can be seen below . Someone had to do it and get a few home truths into the hearts and minds of the readership . ”Bass stocks in crisis” would have been a far better sub heading with regards to” excitction ”!



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