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Last night after at least 3 minutes of pre planning I did an presentation to Mounts Bay Angling association on Saltwater Fly fishing . I guess I had about 20 people there of all ages . Hopefully inspiring the next generation rather than boring them too tears !? Its funny because as I stood there jabbering on about this quirky form of fishing it really struck me  just how odd it is ! Its only when you stand in front of a group of normal people that you realise what an eccentric you have become ! Its now 16 years since I first cast some fluff into saltwater and 14 years since my first ever bass on the fly . The first one came to me after approximately 20 trips to various locations along the Cornish coastline that I guessed would do the trick. I cant really convey just how desperate I was to land one .  The irony was that my first  bass came to me at 11 at night on a small black sand eel fly off Porthleven beach . Walking distance from our old cottage in the heart of the village. I killed my first bass and took it home , it was about 5 or 6 pounds so a great bass to start with and even more so on the fly  . I took the fish upstairs , woke cally up and proudly displayed it too her by the side of the bed . I just couldn’t wait until the morning to share the glory , suffice to say she would rather have waited until the morning and made that clear.

IMG_6357I jokingly say that  “‘ Saltwater Fly fishing is for people who think they are so clever that they have to make it hard for themselves !” I think that can be true at times and I do encounter some vanity and elitism within fly fishing. I like to think that my intense relationship with the sport over the years has given me sufficient man hours to get that one out of my system and I would be the first to admit that I have had my elitist chapter where I thought that I was a superior species of fisherman and anything else was below me .  I have also learned that true water craft and knowledge can be owned by anyone and the ability to cast some feathers 80 or 100 foot does not make you a true ”waterman ” just a good caster .

There was a 12 year old lad there last night , keen as mustard , he has brought his home tied saltwater flies to show me , told me he watches my little you tube films , he had photos of the pollock he has been catching off the rocks . He made me feel like a bit of a rock star bless him . He made the evening even more worthwhile.  I must track him down and take him fishing sometime this summer.  I really must . I know just the spot , safe , short walk , tons of flow and current and the bass sit in the stream like trout or sometimes just swim past in a shoal . My son is pretty good if you give him a fishing rod but prefers a skateboard and just like this lad my son has given himself too a sport with some incredible results of which I am ever so proud.

You always get back when you give something away and I certainly did last night .




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