The moon pulled up an acre of Bass

Posted By Oz on Jun 6, 2016 | 1 comment

Happy weather , Happy fish . Thats always been the way with Bass but regardless I can say hand on heart that I have never seen Bass in such huge concentrations. Add to that I have also never seen so many 38 – 40 cm fish out there mixing it up with the big girls. In the last 2 weeks I have witnessed a huge shoals in locations  where I normally mark dozens. Likewise the Eddystone was rammed with fish and yesterday I spent 4 hours in the company of the largest shoal of Bass I have ever seen. The surface layer was solid with tiny Bass chasing Micro fry . I made my first cast and let my Fiiish Minnow Blue 25 g flutter down to around 20 foot . This produced a very hard fighting 3 kilo fish . I landed 14 fish in all shapes and sizes , with 5 solid fish in that mix . No clients to enjoy the spectacle , my diary  has flatlined after 5 busy years , just me doing what I love to do regardless of the ”Bass apathy” out there with recreational anglers.


So whats happening out there ? A successful Bass fisherman needs to be an eternal optimist , its the optimism that gets you out of bed at 2 Am to get to the water in time for sunrise. I think that the 5 mild winters we have just experienced   have given juvenile Bass the best chance of surviving that first critical year of life. The closure of the pelagic fleet for the last 2 years must be starting to pay dividends. Perhaps Im just a Bass fishing Guide in Cornwall kidding himself  , but I do know that I have not seen these volumes of Bass since 2009.


Give the skipper some !

Its rare for me to be able to get away from the consul , get onto the bow and pick up a fly rod these days . But I managed to sneak a few casts on the Eddystone and land a couple of Bass . I still find new challenges and milestones without a flight or trip to Heathrow  . My  first Bass on fly from the Eddystone felt good !







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  1. Nice one Oz we’ll done on your first Eddystone fly caught bass. Would love to have been there this year.

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