Garmin Panoptix — Shark fishing Cornwall

Posted By Oz on Jul 8, 2016 | 0 comments

Changing your whole marine electrons system over is quite a big thing  and even more so when you depend on the kit day in and day out . I remember when I switched from a PC to a Mac it was a big jump into the unknown . Like wise switching from my previous system to  Garmin Panoptix does take a little time to adjust too . Old dogs and new tricks springs to mind ! Two days ago I headed out too sea with the newly installed Panoptix Down transducer . I did have a quick play with the system the day before and I figured  that based on what I was seeing on screen when pollock fishing , shark fishing with the system could be rather exciting. I was right !


With the Panoptix we could clearly watch our baits descend down through the water column to the required depths and then set them accordingly . We had one bait set at 30 foot and another at 60 , as is often the way with shark fishing the next thing to do is wait . Three hours later the first shark showed up . I was busy  relaxing on the bow of the boat soaking up some rays , Sam changed his bait and as he dropped it down the first shark grabbed hold of it . I ran back to the consul and yes there was the shark clearly circling on screen as Sam tussled . Much to our surprise it turned out to be a Porbeagle , first shark of the year and its a Porby !! An amazing start to my sharking year .


It was the capture of the next shark that really did bring home the capabilities of Panoptix , as this time we saw the fish circling below prior to the hook up. Its pretty exciting watching your bait drop down onto the nose of a fish , at first I dropped too deep I could clearly see my bait below the fish , I reeled  up the bait perhaps 5 winds of the reel to get it at the correct height and then we were hooked up again .


Two sharks landed and one lost would not be what I would call a great days fishing but the fact that Sam  had a Porbeagle and I had an amazing new toy to play with certainly made up for it. This is the beginning of my time with Panoptix . For slow jigging  or working heavy lures over nasty ground its going to be mind blowing,  as we will be able to watch the jigs approaching snags and carefully pull them up and over . Its going to save me a fortune !



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