2017 Mission Statement

Posted By Oz on Mar 21, 2017 | 1 comment

Zen2 , always on a mission .
I cant believe its actually spring at last ! Obviously 2016 was somewhat of a disaster for me from July onwards thanks to that wipe out at the skatepark This has been the longest winter ever for me . I just cant wait to get out there again under the cliffs , out on the reefs and most importantly having a good giggle with you guys !

Every year I need new challenges and goals to keep it fresh . This year I will be spending a great deal more time out on the North Coast of Cornwall fishing out of Hayle and pointing Zen2 West towards to Lands end . The scenery and potential on that stretch of coast is truly epic . In a way it represents the last un turned stone of West Cornwall for me . This approach of never sitting still keeps me excited and hopefully that excitement is felt by you guys .If I am not learning I go stale , thats the way I am wired .

1556221_10153455423952112_1219474836920649890_oBy booking Zen2 you can never be 100 % sure what we will be doing until its time to launch . Heaven forbid the day I am stuck in Falmouth with limited options flogging the manacles . I love the reef but there is so much more out there and the wind swings around 360 degrees . Rendering falmouth bay un fishable for days and sometimes weeks at a time .

Tackle wise I will continue with Fiiish lures , The Majorcraft Syroads have done us proud . I have brand new Certate Heavy duty reels all ready to go . Fly Rods from Hardy and Sage , Nautilus reels , Flies homegrown as always .We have the amazing Garmin Panoptix system on the boat . This has proved itself invaluable already and it would be a tough day were I to go back to traditional historical data fish finder systems . I get a live feed under my boat .


I want to see more fly guys tussling big fish on Zen2 . Its hard to believe I was 100 % fly only a few years ago . If I had the same number of fly guys I used to have on the boat we would see so many more big Bass and Pollock bending fly rods double . Its down to me to get those fly guys motivated. Its a shame that I pulled out from the St Mawes Fly fishing festival but once I was forced to share the room with fools I was left with little choice. I don’t bite my lip well Im afraid . Honesty has a price to pay at times .


I enjoy the odd days sharking . In some ways its lot easier than bass fishing . I just head out , set up a drift and then re start the engine 8 hours laster ! The sharks keep us busy enough but its quite easy fishing really . Last year I missed out on the insane Blue Fin Tuna bonanza that happened in Falmouth bay . I have some hardcore GT popping gear and GT poppers sitting here ready to go should it kick off .

Most of all what I cant wait for is to share a day out on the boat with the regulars I have been fishing with for years . Without those people I would fold financially and spiritually.

So thats the mission statement for 2017 on Zen2 . Nothing new really , perhaps a heightened sense of purpose following the trials 2016

Cheers Austen Goldsmith

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  1. Nothing better than someone on the bow with a fly rod and me at the stern with my lures. I love to see those fly rods bend almost as much as catching fish myself.
    Having watched Oz instruct both those new to fly fishing, and watching the experienced fly fishermen improve under his instruction, I am surprised that more are not giving it a go. See you soon Oz, at the end of my phone waiting for my next trip.

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